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Stepmum squad

We're passionate about supporting stepmums

The aim of 'Stepmum Squad' is to connect you with like minded women who may be going through, or have been through the same as you, or who might be geographically close to you if you want someone you can physically meet up with for a cuppa (or 3 bottles of pinot grigio!)​


This isn't tinder... 

There's no algorithm...

We just have a hunch that life as a stepmum would be easier for ALL of us if we had people who "got it", who we could chat with about what is going on with us and our families, without fear of judgement. 

If you're interested in meeting other stepmums (virtually or in real life) please email us and we will share more info!

In the meantime if you want to connect with Stepmums on our forum please click here and if you want to join our monthly Zoom stepmum meet up please click here for more details and to book

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