Following a successful round of workshops in April 2022 we are delighted to be able to bring you four NEW workshops each covering a particular topic which affects us as Stepmums. These workshops have been created by Katie Harrison in conjunction with an accredited transformational coach and identity consultant.

They are delivered virtually and have been designed to allow stepmums to meet other stepmums and work through issues in a safe space with others who know what they're going through and can offer a safe space, practical advice and support.


Each session is comprised of distinct content meaning you can pick and choose the sessions which you think will be most beneficial for your situation. Each workshop is limited to 10 participants so secure your space today by booking using the links below!


Please note these are practical workshop sessions are created and facilitated by Stepmums for Stepmums. They are not a replacement for medical advice or therapy.

Upcoming workshops

Building resilience & managing anxiety

15th September: 9:30 - 12:30, £99

Resilience is vital yet it’s something which continually gets challenged as a stepmum! In this session we will explore how to build and maintain your resilience. It’s not about “being tough”, it’s about understanding and being true to yourself and your personal values and creating strategies to help you manage better “in the moment” and longer term when you are triggered. Over the course of the morning we will delve into what our triggers are and craft ways to help us respond better when we are triggered. We’ll work out what it is which makes us feel great, or awful and map ways to help us feel better, more of the time.


Managing conflict and building resilience

29th September: 9:30 - 12:30


Conflict is inevitable in all families but in stepfamilies it can feel ever present and with so many divided loyalties sometimes just the presence of conflict can cause it to multiply!

In this session we will explore what EXACTLY is causing the conflict (spoiler: it might not be what you think it is!) We will look into how you can prevent it arising and also how to diffuse it in the moment when it does. We’ll discuss coping strategies including how to maintain your resilience and we'll map out a clear path to a life with less conflict in it and ensure that the conflict that is there will affect you less! We'll work out how to identify your triggers and how to respond when you are triggered!

Control, influence and boundaries


6th October: 9:30 - 12:30, £99 

This workshop is for anyone who feels out of control of their life and overwhelmed by how much the stepmum role has changed them. Over the course of the morning we will identify which areas you are finding particularly hard and why that is. We will work through exercises designed to help you map a path forward by either creating boundaries for yourself and your family, or by consciously deciding, on your terms, to let some things go. We will explore the conversations and actions you need to take in order to become more comfortable with the choices you want to make for your home and your family.


Carving out your role as a stepmum

20th Oct: 9:30 - 12:30, £99

In this session we will explore what you want your role to be & how to get there. We'll talk about who you were before you became a stepmum and what you've lost or gained along the way. We'll help you get clear on your personal values and map a path to living according to them whilst also flourishing as a stepmum. We'll work through how you lean into the parts of being a stepmum which you want more of and how you step away from those you want less of. 


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These workshops have been carefully crafted just for Stepmums. We are passionate about getting stepmums a better deal and we are confident these workshops will give you the tools and techniques to re-write your story!

We would love you to take this opportunity to invest in YOU for a change.  YOU deserve it.

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Interested in something more bespoke?

We are creating several more specialised workshops for women and couples in specific step-situations.


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In the meantime if there's something specific you'd like help on please email us and we would be happy to see how we can help.