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The Stepmum Space workshop is designed to support women in a stepfamily with common challenges whilst also exploring the situations unique to your family.

Run by Katie, our workshops offer a warm, non judgemental space which has been designed to allow stepmums to meet other stepmums and work through issues in a safe space with others who know what they're going through and can offer practical advice, support (and often ongoing friendship). These are small group sessions where we use a mix of solo exercises, group conversation, coaching and mentoring.

Having worked with hundreds of Stepmums, Katie has developed this workshop to include the most popular and supportive material which will give you the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of what is going on in your home and family, as well as being able to craft a future facing, goal based action plan to improve your stepmum life and increase your sense of happiness and well being.

Some of the topics we explore are:

  • Understanding your values and how they affect your relationship and family dynamics

  • How to navigate feeling out of control

  • Creating and maintaining boundaries

  • Dealing with anxiety and building resilience

  • Managing conflict

  • Role ambiguity and expectations of you and your partner

  • How to feel better about your situation!

Sign up now using the links below or add yourself to the waitlist for future dates!

These workshops have been carefully crafted just for Stepmums. We are passionate about getting stepmums a better deal and we are confident these workshops will give you the tools and techniques to improve your Stepmum life! There is so much uncertainty as a Stepmum, but the one person you can count on is you, so invest in yourself and take control of your own happiness!

Upcoming dates


Feb 21st and Feb 28th 7:20 - 9pm £149


Fri 10th March 9:30 - 12:30 £149

  • Please note the sessions are all delivered virtually on Zoom and the price includes all course materials, exercises and background material. 

  • Many clients connect via whatsapp groups after the sessions and provide ongoing friendship and support.

  • Please note I do not record sessions due to client confidentiality.

Please note these are practical workshop sessions are created and facilitated by Stepmums for Stepmums. They are not a replacement for medical advice or therapy.


Interested in something more bespoke?

We are creating several more specialised workshops for women and couples in specific step-situations.


Details will be published here and via our mailing list when they're up and running. Join our mailing list


In the meantime if there's something specific you'd like help on please email us and we would be happy to see how we can help.

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