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You're Not My Mum!

Stepmum Space founder Katie Harrison's podcast series "You're not my Mum; The Stepmum's side" is available on BBC Sounds, Apple & Spotify.

The series was commissioned by the BBC after Katie won "The Rachael Bland new podcast award". The award was designed to give air time to topics which aren't usually spoken about. It was launched in memory of Rachael Bland, the 5 live presenter who launched the series 'You me and the big C' before dying of cancer aged 40. Rachael's bravery at speaking in such an honest way is hugely inspiring. The people who knew her told Katie she was passionate about giving air time to communities without a voice, We hope she would have liked what Katie and Rachael's colleagues created with "You're not my Mum".


Stepmum Space podcast

Katie launched The Stepmum Space podcast in 2022 after the success of her BBC series.

Now on season 4, each episode tackles a different area of Stepmum life through conversation with a different guest. Katie interviews Stepmums, Parenting experts, Mindset coaches and Dads, all of whom candidly share their experiences and offer advice and fresh perspectives.

Katie's mission has always been to give Stepmums a voice and to support families on this difficult journey.

The podcast is free to listen to and is available on most podcast platforms.

If you are interested in sharing your story on a future episode please get in touch!  

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