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Katie & Dom

(Or DomKat as their friends call them!)

Stepmum Space was founded by Katie in 2022 with huge support from her Husband Dom, and the Stepmum Space podcast's number 1 fan!


We run Stepmum Space from our home in Suffolk and are both passionate about changing the cultural narrative around Stepfamilies and offering better support and roadmaps to all members of Stepfamilies.


We have plenty of experience of the ups, downs and everything-in-betweens of being part of a Stepfamily and between us we have been Mum/Dad/Stepmum/Stepdad/BioMum/BioDad and Stepchild!

Having all these bases covered helps give us insight from the differing perspectives of those involved in a Stepfamily dynamic. 

Alongside our work with Stepmums we are also busy behind the scenes creating bespoke support for Dads (often the ones feeling trapped in the middle!) Please email us if this is something you would be interested in finding out more about.

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