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Shame dies when stories are told

in safe places

I started writing about my experiences almost a decade ago as a type of therapy for myself. Getting things out of my body onto a page helped to some degree but it also made me feel very alone with my thoughts. Reading them back so many years later is super emotional. I was in such an incredible place having found the man of my dreams but also in such a dark place with all the difficulties that arose during those early years. This contrast is so familiar to lots of us and a lot of the power for us is in sharing our experiences.

In this blog I will share observations and experiences of my own and also of others (anonymised of course). There are a lot of things which I haven't been through personally but which are important to share and normalise so in that respect this is OUR blog! A collective catalogue of experiences and advice which I hope will help you as you navigate your own journey. If you'd like to write an article to share here please get in touch!

If you need further support in person please do check out our workshops and coaching packages.

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