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"You've won a podcast series!"

Back in 2019 I was listening to 5live brekkie and heard about the Rachael Bland podcast award. The team at radio 5 were looking for someone to create a new podcast series in memory of the radio 5 presenter Rachael Bland who created the award winning cancer podcast "You me and the big C" before dying of cancer aged 40.

Nobody talks honestly about 'Stepmumlife'

The brief for the competition was PERFECT for a brave, honest conversation about stepmum life. Without really thinking about it, I fired off a written entry about why I thought stepmotherhood was a topic that we really needed to get the nation talking about.

I thought nothing more of it...

"You're through to the next round"

My son loves repeating this to me over & over, X factor style!

Early in 2020 I received an email from the competition organisers telling me I was (drumroll....) "through to the next round" (try saying that without the ooomph of a reality show host, it's not possible!!)

It was exciting. But they wanted me to record a 3min piece of audio detailing more of my idea, how I wanted the podcast to work, how I was going to make it relevant and a whole bunch of other stuff that quite frankly sounded like homework!

The pandemic had just kicked off

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