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What is coaching?

Coaching is a tool for personal development and growth.


In Katie's coaching sessions she uses psychology based, discovery methodology to uncover answers to existing issues that are hindering your ability to move forward, improve situations and achieve goals.


Coaching has been proven to have positive effects on well-being, resilience and self esteem (three of the many things which are often challenged as a Stepmum!) 

One to one coaching will provide you with a non judgemental space to explore how you can improve your Stepmum life. We can either work towards a particular goal, or you can use the space to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences in order to improve your sense of well being.

Coaching differs from counselling in that counselling explores the past and uses therapeutic techniques to heal from past situations. Coaching is future focused and whilst we will inevitably talk about things that have happened in the past, our focus will be how to create the life you want NOW, and in the future.


Katie's style

Katie creates a warm, non judgemental space for you to feel relaxed and calm and able to share your innermost thoughts and feelings. 

Katie's approach is transformative. She believes passionately that it is possible to dramatically improve your wellbeing and experience of life through coaching.

As a transformative coach Katie encourages reflection of how you see yourself, the people around you, your situation and the world at large.


Katie creates an environment where you can share the weight you have been carrying around, without fear of judgement. Katie believes that shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces and  as a Stepmum, Mum and recovering over-thinker herself, you are able to share anything and everything without fear of judgement.

Together with Katie you will craft your way to the life you want. 

Katie works on Zoom and has coached Stepmums, business leaders and those in the creative industries across the globe.


Packages available

If you're interested in couples coaching or looking for something bespoke please email me


A one off session where we get to the heart of your biggest challenge and explore ways to improve your situation

1 x 60 MINUTES £120


The opportunity to dive into key areas of your life which you want to explore or create strategies to change. A popular choice for those who want to make change fast!




Six sessions gives you the space to explore several issues and or relationships which you want to make changes to. Or if you have a more complex situation you really want to unpick and re-script, six sessions will allow you to do this.




Ten sessions will give you
ongoing support as you seek to explore your Stepmum life today, and where you want it to go in the future. This is a great choice for those who want a regular judgement free space to talk through issues and create strategies for the future.

10 x 50 MINUTE SESSIONS  £799

Coaching packages


Lucy, 32, Hampshire

"I've been a step mum for just over 7 years and took the plunge this year to get to grips with some of the aspects of life that were making me unhappy. Katie and her coaching have helped me beyond measure.  I now have the confidence to open up conversations with my husband about how we take life forwards and Katie has given me some great tools to just make our blended household a happier place to be."

Liz, 38, London

"Six sessions with Katie have transformed how I think and feel about my Stepfamily. My main issue was the constant anxiety I felt in the run up to having the kids but having the time and space to work this through with someone who really understands has given me the tools and depth of understanding to change how I think about it!"

Suzy, 41, Yorkshire

"After just one session with Katie I felt ten stone lighter! I was able to share things I'd been carrying around for years, too afraid to share even with my therapist for fear of being judged. Katie really understands how it feels to be a Stepmum and the sessions with her have given me clarity about what I need to do to create the home I want and how to go about doing it."

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