One to One coaching

Coaching has been proven to have positive effects on well being, resilience and self esteem (Three of the many things which are often challenged as a Stepmum!)


One to one coaching will provide you with the space you need to explore how you can improve your stepmum life. We recommend a series of at least 4 sessions but if you have a specific issue you want to explore with Katie then a "power hour" can be very helpful!


The focus of the sessions will be determined by what you need, however popular topics include:

  • How to take control of life when so much is out of control

  • How to feel happier in your life as a Stepmum

  • How to overcome jealousy and resentment

  • How to have more productive conversations with your partner

  • How to stop feeling like an outsider in your home

  • Experiencing infertility as a stepmum

  • How to cope when an “ours” baby comes along 

  • Bonding with a difficult stepchild

  • Co-parenting with a difficult bio-mum

  • Overcoming lonliness & isolation

  • Managing "stepmum grief"

 I'd love to help you improve your stepmum story and your wellbeing and happiness!

Book using the link below or email me to arrange a free 15 minute consultation or find out more.