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And welcome to the judgement free zone!

It's NOT just you who feels this way (however you're feeling!)

Start your Stepmum Space journey today and create a life which allows you, your relationships and your family to thrive!

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Need a safe space to explore how to handle situations, how to set goals and how to live a happier life in line with your values and beliefs?  

If so, one-to-one coaching is for you! In private sessions with Katie you can explore any areas of life which you want, or just use the time to talk through how you're feeling and gain valuable perspective.

Couples coaching is a positive and powerful way to reconnect with your partner, to share in a safe, non judgemental setting with an impartial professional, how you are both feeling and where you want to get to in your relationship or on a particular issue. Whilst we will pay attention to things that have happened in the past, the focus is very much about getting to where you want to get to in the future, both as a couple and a family

Created and run by Katie, our group workshops are a great way to meet other Women in the same boat and explore how to solve your core stepfamily challenges. 

(In development)

A bespoke collection of videos, workbooks and exercises, curated to help you with whatever issue you may be facing in your Stepfamily.

These can be done in your own time  to fit around your life.

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Podcast, Forum, recommended reading and guided exercises to support you to improve your journey. This is in constant development so do subscribe to be notified when new resources are added.


"I've had counselling in the past but nobody has been able to explain how my mind works and help me shift my thought patterns like Katie"

Nikki, 36, Essex

"Joining Katie’s workshop is the best thing I’ve done to help with my Stepmum anxiety. 

I feel less alone and I’ve got this support network who actually gets what it’s like!"

Jillian, 33, Edinburgh

"Katie and her coaching have helped me beyond measure.  I now have the confidence to open up conversations with my husband about how we take life forwards and Katie has given me some great tools to just make our blended household a happier place to be."

Lucy, Hampshire

"Everyone needs a Katie in their life!"

Francesca, 35, London

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