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Jun 01, 2022
In Introduce yourself
Wanting to find a my place in my life that isn’t fully mine. I knew when I married my husband he came with my step son and an ex. I was under no assumptions it would be easy. I have step parents(not great ones), I’ve tried to be the best possible step parent. I do not have any children of my own, not for lack of trying tho. I’ve experienced losses in that area and I’ve thrown all the love I would’ve had for those children into my step son and husband but with a constant reminder that my step son isn’t mine. It’s hard, this isn’t what I wanted for myself but I wouldn’t change my step son for the world. I just feel out of place and not sure what to do and you just don’t get it unless you‘re a step mom. Hoping for someone to talk to that understand. I am from the US, I think this is mainly UK based but I think being a step mom is hard anywhere?


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